May 15

If this day were a color it'd be puke green

May 5

I went to the hospital, and apparently it was just a nerve malfunction or something boring like that. I guess I shouldn't say boring, but all that and for nothing. I should probably be grateful that I don't have epilepsy or diabetes type 1, and I am. Still.
I also was pissed about my hair not exactly turning out the way I wanted, but I'm getting it professionally perfected in turns of coloring on wednesday :)
Fun day!!!

May 4

Pissed off and bugged because I can't get my hair to be light blonde today- I have to wait for tomorrow. It was black, but now it's been bleached back to my natural color. I also got my nose re-pierced, and I think the nose pain has also caused a headache, also I had to be in the freezing cold shower for 40 minutes after bleaching my hair. At least my nose is pierced now.

May 3

I feel constantly overheated, no matter the weather, like everything is closing in on me, and every little poke of annoyance is wrapping up tightly around me, like snakes. I wish I could live under water, not in the ocean, but a nice warm pool, and swim north for winter. I want to dive underwater whenever someone's pissing me off, or when I feel carsick even when I'm not in the car, and swim away into bliss. Or maybe fly, into the clouds and through them. Above the sky line, where the sky is always sparkly and purple, and the clouds are tinted pink, and everything smells like snow and baby powder.